Bluetooth Kits

The Bury CC9048 Hands Free Car Kit – Fully Fitted P.O.A

The Bury CC9048 has many features, although it may only be a 3-key remote as opposed to a touch screen Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits such as other kits in the Bury range it still boasts impressive features. Unlimited music playback through its 30w amplifier via AD2P or an aux-in cable.

The Bury CC9048 also offers the multipoint function which allows you to pair 2 phones simultaneously, ideal if you have a work and personal phone.


  • Illuminated 3-key cable remote – for an easy safe operation
  • Music Playback – Music streaming via A2DP or Aux-In Cable, built in 30w amplifier
  • Multipoint Function – Allowing the connection of 2 phones simultaneously
  • Voice Tags – Access your voice tags from your mobile phone*
  • User Information – Status updates in a choice of 4 languages (English, German, French, Spanish)
  • Voice Output – Filtering out of driving noises and the use of the vehicle’s sound system
  • Radio Mute – When receiving or making a call
  • Memory Capacity – Up to 8 phones
  • Update Feature – Via USB Cable and software package
  • Aux-in Cable – Stream and transfer music files from your mobile phone

* Dependant on phone functionality.