Road Angel Halo Pro.

Our customer supplied the equipment and ordered the additional hard wire kit. Unfortunately we were unable to install it on the first visit! The problem was that Road Angel had changed the spec of the Halo without telling their suppliers so all of the advertising information suggested that parking mode was available when used with the hard wire kit.

In effect the body and connections of the front dash cam had changed so there was nowhere to plug the power cable into so the “new” model could only be powered via the cigar lead and did not offer parking mode (which he specifically wanted). After a “battle” with the supplier they finally conceded that the product was not as advertised and replaced it with an older model.

The app for the dash cam is not the greatest when compared to the likes of Thinkware, it was a little difficult to connect the first time and the options are a little limited. It does the job but I personally think it could do with a few tweaks to match the likes of Thinkware and Blackvue.