Smartrack Stolen Vehicle Tracker Classic 1965 VW T2 Campervan

Our customer had just purchased his dream camper van and wanted to protect it against theft, after all, these vehicle’s in immaculate condition (as this one was) are very expensive!

We recommended and installed the Smartrack insurance approved catagory S5 D-ID system to protect from theft.

This system is the latest offering from Smartrack which utilises the customer’s mobile phone as a recognition tag. Effectively the mobile phone is a driver recognition tag, if the system doesn’t detect the mobile it will send an alert to the control centre who will then contact the customer and advise unauthorised movement!

As an installation it’s a little different from modern vehicle’s as these can be 6 volts (fortunately this one had been converted to 12 volts). And as I’m “advancing” slightly in years and have over 30 years within my industry the installation was not really a problem.

I would just like to add that we always recommend Smartrack as they are one of the few companies that allow the system to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, offer European coverage and arrange recovery of the vehicle.

Smartrack Cat 5 D-ID Tracker Install