2021 Skoda Octavia VRs front and rear Blackvue dash cam installation.

Our customer purchased a Blackvue dual dash cam from Amazon and required professional installation as the car was brand new and he didn’t want to attempt a self installation.

The rear camera is neatly fitted with all cables hidden behind panels, safely away from airbags and run through the tailgate grommet .

When asked why we charge £95.00 to install a customer supplied dual camera kit it’s sometimes difficult for someone to appreciate the work and experience involved in a safe installation. Mostly the only thing on show are the actual Camera’s, it’s what goes on behind the panels and roof lining that takes time.

There is a lot of panel removal involved to run the cables, we also have to find a safe power feed that will not interrupt sensitive Vehicle electrics and systems. When most garages charge around £50.00 per hour we think a £95.00 fixed fee is reasonable considering an install time of 2-3 hours including demonstration of the kit.

For a quote please use our enquiry form on our website. Please note, we are Kent coast based.