We were contacted to remove a dash cam as the vehicle was going back to the lease company.

When we arrived at site I had to ask if the owner had installed it himself. I was shocked to learn that it was “professionally installed” by a national car accessory supplier when the vehicle was new!

I’m fairly sure the images say it all but just in case… The installer had actually cut the rubber grommet at both ends to loop the cable to the tailgate. Apart from being unsightly the potential for water damage to car is almost certain (stains on the roof lining already). In addition none of the cable running from the tailgate to the front of the vehicle was behind any of the airbags.

The owner wasn’t too bothered as it was a lease car but I certainly wouldn’t want to buy this car, it’s almost definitely going to have issues in the future!

The much used adage of “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to this installation. If you love your car please use a good local engineer who actually knows what he is doing, it may cost a little more but if this was your pride and joy that you’d worked hard for it really makes sense to pay just a little more!