Amazon front and rear dash cam with reverse camera option.

This was a customer supplied front and rear dash cam with reverse camera option purchased from Amazon.

We quoted £95.00 for installation, the customer was a little sceptical as the kit only cost him £50.00 but once he realised the amount of work and trim that requires removal for a quality installation he was very happy with the quote and actually gave a £10.00 tip (plus a few coffee’s and a KitKat!).

On the Ford C Max the reverse light trigger is not in the tailgate so not only did we have to strip the tailgate for the camera we also had to remove a lot of boot trim as well to pick up a feed. The cable was then run to the front of the vehicle where we also picked up the power for the camera (hardwire cable supplied by customer).

We could have mounted the camera in the rear window but the reversing image would not have been as good, also I suspect that the lights on the camera that activate when reverse is selected may reflect in the rear window at night making it difficult to see the image. it’s a bit of a trade off as the downside of having the camera fitted externally is that regular cleaning of the lens is required.

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