Customer supplied VIOFO A119V3 front dash cam Installation into a Range Rover Evoque.

We are often asked to install customers own equipment which we are more than happy to do (we will only offer warranty on our labour for obvious reasons).

On this occasion it was a VIOFO A119V3 forward facing dash cam with the optional hard-wired loom kit. It did feel reasonably high quality (we do get asked to install some inferior products occasionally) and the image was quite crisp.

My only criticism would be that the SD card in the box required formatting immediately as the camera kept “beeping” and flashing “memory error”. This was easily confirmed to be a memory card issue as we carry spare Thinkware memory cards so tried one which worked perfectly. Not such an issue I guess but the customer had to “blow the dust off” his Windows laptop to do it!

In summary not a bad dash camera but I’d advise formatting the SD card before installation.