Thinkware F770 dash cam and Bury Bluetooth hands free car kit for a Vauxhall Corsa Van.

As installers we do have a varied life! One day a Ferrari the next a Corsa Van. Irrespective of the vehicle we always install to the highest quality and ensure all cables are hidden and routed safely behind airbags and panels.

Our customer wanted a quality dash cam and a hands free car kit that he could stream music direct from the handset.

Our solution was the Thinkware F770 hardwired for parking mode and a Bury 9048 hands free car kit.

We’ve taken the unusual step of showing some images during the installation just to show how much trim actually needs to be removed for a safe Installation. Rest assured, it was all refitted correctly without any damage.

Dashboard strip
A little more!
All back together and working perfectly.
Close up of the neatly fitted control button for the hands free kit.