Golf R dash cam and Autowatch Ghost.

Very happy to report this customer was very pleased with the finished installation.

He was very concerned that his prized very low mileage Golf R may be stolen or damaged when parked!

We fitted the latest Ghost 2 immobiliser (unfortunately for security reasons we can’t show any images of the fitted system) which makes the car totally secure from theft even with the owners keys! If the pin is not entered prior to starting it simply won’t start!

Next was to install a two channel Thinkware F200 dash cam system, fully hardwired to enable full use of parking mode. So when the car is parked the motion and impact detection will record any incidents that occur. It’s a great mid-range system with WiFi connection to download and view the recordings. We even managed to connect the feeds to allow the system to keep recording when the ignition is turned off (key still in), a common problem with VW/Seat is all ignition feeds shut down when sitting in the car with the radio on.