The importance of using a Thatcham Approved Tracker.

With vehicle theft on the rise in the UK, having a Thatcham and insurance approved tracker is becoming a must to reduce premium’s and improve the chances of recovering your vehicle before any damage is caused.

Peace of mind doesn’t have to be expensive, from as little as £199.99 fully installed (plus subscription) you can protect your car and have it recovered. It may also reduce your insurance premium as well!

In the event of a theft Smartrack will liaise direct with the Police to track your vehicle. Once it has been located and is safe to do so, Smartrack will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and returned to you.

Thatcham Approved Tracker’s are covertly installed in the vehicle (cars, vans, trucks, campervans, motorhome’s) and require no user interaction, they simply work in the background protecting your vehicle.

You can even add ADR tags (automatic driver recognition). In brief, you have a “tag” which you keep on your person (not on the keyring), if the vehicle is started and driven (key theft or cloning for example) without the tag the system will automatically send an alert to the control centre. You will then be contacted to confirm you are not using the vehicle. Once theft is confirmed Smartrack will take over and contact the Police to begin the tracking the vehicle and start the recovery process.